About Us!


    SMOKE TRAINER is owned and operated by Ron Smallwood in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. SMOKE TRAINER began developing products for the fire fighting industry in 2004 with the introduction of the SMOKE TRAINER Simulated Smoke Mask. Having worked with fire fighters for many years, Ron became aware of the difficulty and expense involved in fire fighter training. He set out to produce a product that would allow them to train in a non-toxic environment, with a product that was easy to use and cost effective. Most fire departments use live burns, smoke towers or some type of simulated smoke or liquid smoke in their training operations.

    Ron took his knowledge of the film industry and his knowledge in product development and introduced the SMOKE TRAINER Simulated Smoke Mask. With the introduction of the SMOKE TRAINER the company was able to provide a product that allowed fire fighters to train in a realistic environment that simulates a smoke-filled IDLH environment for a fraction of the cost of alternative options. Since its inception, the SMOKE TRAINER has met overwhelming acceptance from the fire fighting industry.

    Shortly thereafter, SMOKE TRAINER introduced their Public Education – Home Safety Goggle. This product was developed to provide a simple, inexpensive product that allows schools, colleges, Greek houses, college dorms and companies to develop and implement a fire safety plan that is easy and simple to use. Our Public Ed – Home Safety Goggles are also used by the airline industry for in-flight or flight attendant fire safety training, as well as Fire Departments in their Public Education Programs.

    After the success of the SMOKE TRAINER Simulated Smoke Mask, the company moves on to develop and introduce the SID or SMOKE IDENTIFICATION LIGHT. Understanding that Accountability and Visibility are increasingly important issues for fire fighters, they developed a light that ensures all operations in smoke filled structures are conducted in a safe and efficient manner that provides accountability for fire fighters at all times. SMOKE TRAINER took input from several SCBA manufactures and applied these suggestions and recommendations in the production of the SID. Currently there is no other product on the market that provides accountability and visibility at 30 feet or more in dense black smoke, while illuminating 4 different light colors to help identify Engine Company Numbers, Officers, RIT, EMS Personnel, different teams, etc. It is a perfect fit for fire departments to use in conjunction with and to enhance all fire safety products available to them to ensure the up most safety in all fire operations.

    SMOKE TRAINER continues to expand its development of new and innovative products related to fire fighting and personal safety industry.