Design is Custom fitted for all SCBA models!

Three Densities
Light, Medium and Heavy Smoke

Fits All SCBA's

Scott, Survivair, MSA, Interspiro,
Draeger & ISI

Inserts and Removes in seconds
Lenses are reusable

Available in Three IDLH Conditions
For variable Training Situations

Observe and Videotape
In total safety without expensive smoke generating units

Training Applications
Thermal imaging cameras
RIT/Large area search
Confined space training
High Rise buildings

Cuts your training cost 66% or more!

" With today's tight budgets, it's refreshing to find a
training tool that's not only affordable, but works.
Smoke Trainer is such a device.
 For a mere fraction of what many departments
spend on simulated smoke training.
Smoke Trainer can provide a
realistic training environment for the whole
department, anyplace, anytime."

Chief I.W. Sweet
Chief of Municipal Fire Department
Los Angeles County, California

"This is as close to the real thing that I have
seen in my 20 years in the fire service. All that's
missing is the heat. A great training aid."

Captain Gary Carneghi
Westminster Fire Department Westminster, California

Smoke Trainer Samples are available!
New Product- Home Safety Trainer
This is a new product from Smoke Trainer that can assist your Public Safety
Education programs! Enhance your current Public Safety efforts with the
New Smoke Trainer personal training mask. This Public Education device
allows for safe and comfortable public training, including children and the
elderly, with a new friendly approach!

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