Smoke Identification Light!


SMOKE TRAINER'S SMOKE ID LIGHT is visible up to 30 feet or more in dense black smoke. It illuminates 4 different colors for identification of different teams, engine company numbers, instructors, EMS personnel, etc. The light is activated immediately upon exiting the fire truck. Please call (800) 882-6567 for more information.

The SID light snaps onto standard SCBA tanks and is quickly changed between tanks. Engine company identification letters are illuminated and colors can be selected to identify different teams, EMS personnel, firefighters and officers. The patented light rods are highly visible in dense smoke and can be seen from 30 feet or more when visibility is limited to less than 2 feet.

The light is intrinsically safe and is powered by 4-AA batteries with an average life of 35 hours of operation. The frame is made of aluminum and stainless steel and the system is washable with degreasers and soap. The rugged design withstands wear and tear and can be dropped, severely impacted or otherwise abused without malfunction.