New Personal Smoke Simulator
For Public Education Programs !

Home fire safety is an issue of national concern. Developing an evacuation plan and practicing a fire safety drill are critical in preparing families for such an emergency.

SMOKE TRAINER, has developed a simple inexpensive smoke simulator goggle that allows families to practice a fire evacuation drill in a safe environment that emulates what smoke in a burning home would be like. This should be an essential part of the Fire Departments Fire Safety Education Program.

Preparation Saves Lives

1. Teach your family Fire Safety in a safe way.

The Smoke Trainer is already used by Airlines and Fire Departments. Smoke Trainer is now available for you to use as part of your familys' Fire Safety Plan. The Smoke Trainer simulates the limited visibilty of smoke without harmful fumes. Using the Smoke Trainer as part of your Fire Safety Plan makes sense!

4. Stay low if there is smoke
Smoke rises, so teach your family to stay low when smoke is present. The air in a smoky environment is safest near the floor.

2. Have a Plan
Fire Safety starts with a plan. Make a map of your home, identify all exits, and agree on a meeting place outside.

3. Teach kids to look for signs of danger
Checking a door before opening it is very important. A hot or warm door means there is danger on the other side and a different exit should be used.

5. Establish a meeting place
at a safe distance from your house
If possible, bring a cell phone and call for help after your family has safely exited the house.
(Never go back into a burning structure!)
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